Dehydrated Kale and Smoothie Love

I love green smoothies. They are my breakfast most days and are the one reason I started growing kale and spinach. And am expanding to a much larger area next year.

green smoothie

I liken them to a V8 Splash. You get the healthy veggies mixed in, but what you taste are the sweet fruits. I experiment a lot, but my favorite is the simplest: equal parts orange juice, berries, and either kale or spinach depending on whats growing.


That’s the reason I chose to harvest the last of the kale before the snow and dehyrate them all. Now I have kale flakes I can add to my smoothies. They’ll rehydrate in the liquids and my vitamix will blend them smooth. Once my fruits get established I’ll be working those in, but for now I have to rely on frozen OJ and berries.

dehydrated kale


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  1. Rachel says:

    That’s the same blend we do- I haven’t tried kale yet, need to get some as I’ve read around the internet how people are putting it in their green shakes. I just used to in charge of the salad bar at a restaurant and worked with kale everyday- so the thought of eating it grossed me out. It might still, I’ll have to see. 🙂

  2. Lorna says:

    I’ll have to send this to my mother who is recently “into” juicing and smoothies! I noticed you said you use a Vitamix–how do you like it? Does it really get everything super smooth (I hate hate hate chunks in my smoothies!). Also, have you ever grown/used wheatgrass in your smoothies? Yum! Ooh. And avocado. Better stop 🙂 Great Blog!

    1. viggie says:

      It’s really great. It’s better than the smoothies I did in a regular blender. I still get giddy whenever I make soup in it…really quite amazing that it can come out of the blender steamping hot 🙂 I must have tried every recipe for soups and sauces and smoothies and stuff in the recipe book they give you…great stuff!

      I haven’t done wheatgrass yet but it is something I intend to experiment with. Thanks for stopping by!

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