I’m going to try starting a weekly gab post about what I’ve been up to and how things are going.  It feels like I’m doing nothing but blurbs with pretty (and sometimes blurry) pictures. Which is fine but it bypasses all the substance of daily life.

It felt like things got away from me a bit this week.  I let myself get pulled into some internet drama and it did nothing but waste a whole lot of evening hours that would have been better used for chores and reading.  It even messed up my diet, giving me an excuse to eat snacks and cafeteria food because I hadn’t “had time” to cook.  Things have cooled down now and this weekend went better.

I got all of my daily and weekly chores done.  I guess I should do a post on those sometime too so you can get an idea of what I get up to around here.  Now that it’s above freezing I starting hauling out recycling, items I plan to re-use as pots in spring, cat carriers and tools and miscellany that had ended up shoved in the front closet because it was too cold to haul them out to the garage before.

The back room also got tidied and I set up the fountain again.  It had sat empty for a while because I kept forgetting to fill it.  That shouldn’t be a problem now that I’m traveling through there a couple times a day to take care of the rabbits.  And it really makes the room feel more cozy and library like (even though it’s really very multi purpose and also has a storage closet, pantry closet, container vegetable growing closet, a kitty pooh box, and a table with citrus trees by the window…all on on the other side of the room).  Yes, there are 3 closets.


I’ve complained on my twitter about making things from scratch, because now that I am I’m drowning under a constant stream of dirty dishes, pots, and pans.  I can only do so many at a time because they take a while to drip dry.  I suppose I could have dried some with a towel, but that would have been unnecessary work when given a bit of time they’ll dry themselves.  But the important thing is that I finally caught up this weekend and celebrated by giving the kitchen a good once over, even taking apart and scrubbing the range.  It looks amazing in there.

Unless you look at the floor.  I tried pouring the bulk quinoa into tupperware for storage last night and things got a little crazy.  I’ll have to set some time aside this evening to vacuum and do some serious edging to get all those tiny grains out of there.

Finally, I finished the book The Backyard Homesteadwhich is a great introduction to urban and suburban homesteading.  I had actually started it in fall but I got involved in implementing many of the projects and ideas in it.  I’ve just started on Coop: A Year of Poultry, Pigs, and Parenting.