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I thought I’d do an update in the indoor gardening experiment.  Things are going well and I’m excited about plans to expand the growing area for next year.  My brother even volunteered to help me put shelves in the closet and hang the shop lights in there.  Hopefully we can find a weekend to get together to work on that this month.  It’ll come in handy for seed starting too.

The tomatoes are starting to get pretty big and need to be watered every couple days now.  They are a cascading variety so they are growing out in every which direction too.  Last night when I went to check on them I found the first flowers open 🙂

first flowers on the indoor cascading tomatoes

And in other indoor gardening news, the white cukes are starting to fill in.  I haven’t been great about pollinating, so you can see some sad shriveled ones that didn’t get enough attention.  RIP lil guys.

indoor mini white cuke progress

And finally I did my 3rd Aerogarden pruning.  With the elliptical inside for the winter this corner is a bit over used, but certainly productive.  My herb harvest more than doubled to 1.75 ounces.  That brings my yearly harvest total to .19 pounds.  I’ve added a harvest challenge section to my sidebar and will be keeping the total up to date. The numbers will move a lot faster as the year progresses and I have more than lightweight herbs to gather!

aerogarden corner


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  1. Lauren says:

    I see you have a few aerogardens. How do you like them? My future mom in law just purchased one and they seem really nifty and I’m wondering if it’s a good investment.

    1. viggie says:

      ​I got them when I had an apartment with a dumb west facing window. It was really my only good option and worth it at the time. They work well and their customer service is amazing. I called once because my pump was going out and making a horrific racket. They told me to turn it off so the sound didn’t bother me, sent a free replacement pump, and threw in a complimentary seed pack to replace the ones I may have lost while the pump was off. It’s really not very cost effective if you have other ways to garden though. Since I have them anyway, I still use them for herbs because they are so invasive outdoors.

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