Around the Urban Homestead

I promised to talk about chores, so that will be today’s topic.  I’ve been slowly adding things to my routine over the last 6 months or so to make the transition from lazy to productive easier to handle.  I use some flylady techniques to help me.  I even keep my sink shiny, which is important when you do everything from cooking to laundry in the kitchen.  This is my routine right now, it’ll change when the growing season starts and expand as I learn new things.

Each morning I make my bed, get my workout clothes on, put water on to boil for tea and/or oatmeal, then go out and feed and water the bunnies.  I walk through the spare room to get there, so on the way back the cat box gets cleaned and the plants and fountain get water if needed.  The cats are fed and I eat my breakfast.  I get in some workout time either at home while watching a DVD or at the gym in the office, then shower and head to work.  I even hang my work clothes in outfits so that they are grab and go.

After work I come in through the back door so I can feed and clean the bunnies.  I made an area in the front closet where I can set down my things and hang up my purse and jacket so everything stays tidy.  Dinner is made and dishes done.  The sink is shined.

Before bed I unplug appliances and electronics, lock up, do any prep work that needs to be done (setting up coffee pot, starting dehydrators, soaking beans or sprouts, etc), pack a lunch, get myself ready and “swish and swipe” in the bathroom.  That’s flylady terms for wiping down the counter and swishing the toilet brush so it’s always clean in there.

Every weekend I scrub a load of laundry, thoroughly clean the bunny cages, give them hay, and groom them.  Inside I pick up the house and vacuum.  My kitchen chores including cooking a couple meals and packing them up so I have some leftovers to reheat during the week.  I mill flour and make sourdough bread.  I’ve started making yogurt, soymilk, and tortillas most weeks.  I also upload any pics I’ve taken and work on blog entries, scheduling them to post during the week so you don’t get a large gush of them at one time.


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