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The big excitement this week was a very lucky antique find. I saw a posting for a $57 Alfred Andresen spinning wheel and called immediately. The woman had it as a conversation piece and didn’t know anything about the wheel functionally, but my Aunt who’s a spinner sweetly came along and checked it out for me. I ended up coming home with it for an even $50.

There were two minor things for me to fix. Somewhere along the line someone decided the hole that the flyer sits in wasn’t necessary and filled it in. I was able to push all of it through with a screw driver. The legs were also a bit wobbly, and I shimmed those up enough that the pedal doesn’t fall off anymore. I spent some time taking it apart and wiping it down with denatured alcohol to clean off the accumulated grime. And I read that crochet thread makes a good drive band, so now it’s all strung up and ready to go. I’m very excited to start playing around with it. 🙂

ETA: I’ve been looking for more information about the wheel, and the only article I’ve found is this snippet stating they found it listed as being imported from Norway in a 1902 catalog.

my new spinning wheel


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  1. Kari says:


    Spinning is one of the skills on my “to-learn” list. I even went so far as to obtain a great deal of raw wool several years back and a carding machine.

  2. Lauren says:

    That’s a beautiful wheel. Spinning is also one of my future goals, so I’m looking forward to seeing what you whip up.

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