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I was lucky to find two new antique additions this week for my growing little homestead. The first was a treadle sewing machine that was all but being given away for $20. When it’s folded up, the top surface is rough looking.  But it runs well and I think it’ll be quite smooth once I clean and oil it up.

treadle sewing machine

The second is a gorgeous coffee mill. It didn’t need any help at all. It turns beautifully and grinds more finely than I would have expected.  My mother also offered me the spare coffee press they so I don’t need a coffee machine either 🙂

coffee mill


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  1. $20 for the Singer is an awesome deal! Ironically, I saw one just yesterday while out shopping new/used furniture store for a rocking chair. It was in about same shape as the one you got from what i can tell by the picture, but has all the drawer nobs and even the original manual! They were asking $129, so ya you got a sweet deal… I wanted to get it anyways but my wife would have killed me ;o) That coffee grinder is neat too… congrats on your new to you antiques…lol

    1. viggie says:

      Ohhh a rocking chair is the last thing on my list…for now lol.

  2. Tinsie says:

    Singer sewing machines are soooo cool! You got a great deal too.

  3. Lise says:

    What fabulous finds!! I’ve been looking for a coffee grinder like yours for quite a while, and that sewing machine is a major score!!

  4. kari says:

    Great scores! I have a treadle sewing machine that has been in the family for generations. I just bought a new leather belt for it and keep meaning to get it repaired so I can test it out.

    I remember my grandmother sewing with it so I know it works (at least until the belt broke it did).

  5. iris says:

    congratulations, fantastic finds.
    You will see that pressed coffee is so much more delicious.

    Funny thing, I have that same sewing machine but I don’t want it any longer. I am going to put it out by the side of the road, hopefully someone will want it with all it’s spare parts.

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