I was busy practicing my new canning skills again this week. This time I did 10 pounds of red potatoes, which filled 7 quarts with enough left over for mashed potatoes at dinner. I took the advice I read from a couple of my forum friends that made prepping easier. The blanching step was skipped entirely. I peeled mine, but you don’t have to. Then I diced one at a time and threw the cubes directly into a bowl of water to keep them from discoloring.

I boiled the jars to sterilize them then quickly loaded the hot jars with the potatoes and covered with boiling water. I used 1/2 tsp canning salt per jar and processed according to the pressure canners instructions for 40 minutes at 11 pounds of pressure.  Don’t they look wonderful 🙂

I did have one mishap.  When I was unloading the jars the bottom fell out of one of them and dumped potatoes all over the canner.  That would be why only the 6 surviving quarts are shown in the picture.  I guess I had to break a jar sooner or later.

canning potaotes