First year before and after


Before (sorry about the quality, this was actually the realtors pic):



Picture 203

I’m pretty happy with what I’ve done with my little space with just one springs work.  I’ve still got a ways to go to make it more visually appealing and lower maintenance (all of those grass paths between the beds have got to go!), but the veggies are the important part and they are doing great.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Elizabeth says:

    You’ve done some amazing work! Looks like you are going to have quite the crop this year.

  2. Susan says:

    Your garden looks delightful and full of flavor. You got my mouth watering for spaghetti squash. I’m hoping I can find some at the West Allis farmers market tomorrow.

  3. emily says:

    Wow! You have done amazing work, I hope when I have my own yard one day I can do half that much!

  4. angela says:

    looks great! you have done an amazing job

  5. JulieBaby says:

    You have done a beautiful job. Talk about making the most of what you have! You are putting that little yard to great use and your efforts will be rewarded. Good job!

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