Around the Urban Homestead


Life is still very very busy and the lack of attention is starting to take it’s toll on the garden. We’ve been having outrageous amounts of rainfall here, which has set off a white covering of powdery mildew on all the varieties of squash. I wasn’t able to treat until the weekend, but by then it was too little to late. To be fair, I’m not sure I would have been able to fight this one back even if I had more time though.

I’m still getting some squash, but production has definitely slowed down and the plants have seen better days. What was a lush jungle of squash I had to fight to check for fruit is now frumpy clumps of vine I can easily trapse through. Thankfully they are the only casualties. Otherwise, the garden is continuing to impress me.

sugar baby watermelon

I picked 25.5 pounds of produce this week, including the first spaghetti squash and sugar baby watermelon. Harvests also included basil, zucchini, crookneck squash, patty pan squash, tomatoes, and cucumber. After noticing some of the pinto beans were already dry, I pulled a handful to admire my first harvest of dry beans.

my first dry beans-gorgeous pintos


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