Around the Urban Homestead

Half of the garden is empty now, or covered in drying veggies to save for storage or seed.  The broccoli has finally calmed down after it’s surprisingly long maraton of producing all summer long.  The cauliflower and cabbage that was planted out early in spring didn’t appreciate the heat and are first starting to head now.  I’m still getting zucchini from the couple plants that recovered from sickness.  I pulled the rest including all of the crookneck, which I decided I didn’t like.

I’m starting to get used to my more hectic schedule.  For a while there I was continually stressed, running behind, and picking up meals in the cafeteria.  I’ve got things better under control now and am doing better with making lots of leftovers and packing them up for lunches.  I’m still spotty on a few things but at least things don’t feel so out of control anymore.

It’s cool enough now that I’m sleeping with the windows open again and waking up refreshed.  I just finished preparing rolled oats for breakfast and coffee is on the stove peculating.  The day will be packed with bustling and is already overbooked with Bible study, chores, cleaning, cooking, and homework, but I am savoring the moments I do have.


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