Singer 66

In March, I mentioned I picked up a treadle sewing machine on craigslist for $20.  The problem with this venture was that I knew nothing about sewing or sewing machines and it was coated in decades of grime so it was hard to tell what was under there.  It did clean up beautifully, but as I learned more I realized the foot didn’t work and the gearing was shot.

It ended up taking 6 weeks and cost a lot more to fix than I would have expected.  😀  But I’m still very happy with it.  That’s less than a cheap modern plastic machine.  And I’m still following listings for these old Singers.  Working antiques go for 2-3 times that.  Plus they would still need maintenance to get into daily use shape like mine is.  Now that I’ve made the investment this sucker should have another lifetime of use left in it.

I’ve learned that my AA serial number makes this a Singer 66 produced in 1925.  Amazingly enough Singer has the operators manual online, and there are still some parts to be found.  I plan on using some of my spending money in the next few months to pick up spare needles and a belt, as well as some additional feet.  Back when our Walmart slimmed down it’s craft department I picked up some clearance material to practice with, and have squirreled away some other sewing supplies as the budget allowed over the year.

Now I only need to learn how to sew!

singer 66 sewing machine


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  1. kari says:

    There are some mennonite companies that sell replacement parts for treadle machines. One that I’ve used in the past (to buy a new belt for my treadle) is GVS. They’re mail-order and telephone order only. You can request a catalog by writing to them at:

    P.O. Box 310 Versailles, MO 65084

    or by calling them – 1-800-398-2494 for a free catalog.

    1. viggie says:

      Thank you very much! I’ll have to call tomorrow 🙂

  2. Melinda says:

    lovely machine! I am taking up sewing too; taking a class currently. Just made an apron. Getting really excited about the different projectes I could start taking on! (if I can can find the time!)

  3. angela says:

    I have been on the lookout for one of these, my grandmother owned one and she taught me how to sew on it.
    Here in Australia they are very expensive even if you are lucky to fine one. Well done on a great bargan!

  4. Ellie says:

    Hi Lynn

    Great blog!! I love the layout of it

    Do you take guest blog posts at all?

    Many thanks

  5. Elaine says:

    Your beautiful sewing machine looks like my mother’s, except hers was electric. The picture brings back lots of memories. There were seven kids in my family, four girls and three boys. I was the third girl, and I never had a new dress until I grew taller than my sisters. Mother would remake dresses for the next girl in line. She also made all her own housedresses and aprons. She made drapes, too, to keep out the Wisconsin winters.

    My aunt had a treadle sewing machine that she kept in shape and used for years and years. I don’t think she ever had an electric machine.

    Enjoy your fabulous Singer!


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