Sewing Sunday

I like to keep some semblance of organization in my life.  So when I post about a topic I try to stick to a certain day of the week.  I do Munchy Mondays for my food posts.  Wordless Wednesdays for photography.  Frugal Fridays to brag about how cheap I am.  On Sundays I did my weekly garden update, but that didn’t have a cutsey name to go with it.

Things are looking up for for Sundays though now that I am learning to sew.  Sewing Sundays!  This is the first mini project I’ve tried.  I went with 2×2 squares made into a simple coaster. I only had to rip the center seam twice to get all the squares to meet right in the middle.  But considering all the squares actually turned out square, I’m pretty happy with myself.

simple coaster


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  1. Your coaster looks great! And that’s my favorite part of sewing – you can always rip out the seams and try again. Believe me, I get lots of use out of my seam ripper!

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