Playing catch-up

I haven’t been neglecting my blog on purpose, I’m afraid it’s just been that busy around here.  The due date for the urgent part of my project is today, and I am just wrapping things up.  But there are a whole lot of big issues coming up for my team at work that look like they’ll be keeping us busy with overtime through year end….sigh.   Keeping up with school through all of this has been rough but at least I made it through mid-terms this week in one piece.

I’m so run down and far behind on everything else that I scheduled a personal day on Monday to try to play catch up.  I’ve got broken handles to fix, winterizing to do, fall cleaning (boy have I messed up the place the last 6 weeks or so), and the garden still hasn’t been cleared out.

Fall is already winding down.  Our peak color was 2 weeks ago, so there are now more bare trees than not.  We got our first frost this morning.  There have been frosts in the area for a few weeks already, but I’m just close enough to Lake Michigan that it keeps me a little warmer than parts inland.


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