I’m a collector

Sometimes I’m just plain not frugal.   The problem is I enjoy collecting craft supplies as much as I enjoy crafting.  I’ve actually been avoiding craft stores for a few years to avoid the temptation.  I still have under the bed storage containers packed with the fallout from my crochet addiction.  I came into this sewing project knowing what I was up against…and knowing I would lose.

It started out innocently enough.  I spent a weekend assembling my second project, a top.  I had been of the mindset that “fabric was fabric”.  So I used a woven cotton with no give at all on a pattern that called for fabric with a good stretch.  I didn’t do it on purpose, it just wasn’t something I’d considered.  I now know better.  The shirt had gathers in the front that didn’t lay properly and my bust looked like it was trying to bust out of that thing :

I took it surprisingly well considering how much time and effort went into the project.  It wasn’t a total loss, after all.  It was good practice and I now knew how to put together a shirt.  I would just need to find fabric in that color that did have the required stretch and try again.  So off I went to Joanns with my gift card.  And found that all fashion prints and knits were 50% off.  And McCalls patterns were 99 cents.  Well, you can imagine how things went from there.  Actually, you don’t have to imagine…

mix and match wardrobe

I spent every last penny of that gift card plus $6 of my own.  But what I ended up with is enough fabric for a mix and match wardrobe.  Here’s the plan:
-The pink is for a top that will go with the black denim from before and the pink floral.
-The pink floral is for a skirt
-The black has enough for a skirt and top
-The black floral is for a top
+3 patterns for tops while they were 99 cents


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