Around the Urban Homestead

I harvested two small cabbages this week, that’s about all that’s going on in the garden. I’m thinking of starting to get carrots and potatoes dug and dehydrating them. The rabbit hutches were moved into the sunroom for the winter. Although they would be fine outside (and are still in a room that’s not climate controlled), I would rather they be closer to the house. That way I’m not bundling up 6 times a day in the coldest parts of the winter go to out and replace frozen water.

They really seem to like the change and get very excited when I go out to see them.  Mittens has been a bit rough on his hutch and has been yanking wire off the floor to form a growing hole.  I think I’ll just need to replace the whole floor and will have to find time to work that in soon because I worry about him hurting himself on it.



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