OAMC Breakfast Sandwiches

School starts again in a couple weeks.  That means 3 nights a week I’ll be gone from 6:30am until 9pm.  So one thing that will come in handy is some grab and go meal options in the freezer. I plan to make an OAMC meal a couple times a week rather than stress myself out by buying a whole months full of groceries and then spending a whole day cooking them.  Since I’m feeding one person making 8-12 servings in one night will go a long way anyway.

OAMC Breakfast Sandwich

So I started the new year in the kitchen with my new stove making these OAMC Breakfast Sandwiches (minus the ham to make them vegetarian). I had one for breakfast then packaged up the rest for the freezer.  At Aldi’s this week, I bought 2 packs of english muffins at $0.99 each, cheddar slices were $1.99, and a dozen eggs were $1.49 for a total of $5.46.  That made these filling breakfast options $0.45 each.

I believe that’s about 1/3 the price you’d pay for fast food or cafeteria fare.  Sadly, stopping at the cafeteria is something I started doing a lot during the fall semester, so having something to grab in the morning and heat up when I get to work will really add up in terms of savings.

OAMC Breakfast Sandwiches

I’ll be starting out by pricing all of my ingredients.  But keep in mind adding a little effort to make your own bread, growing veggies once the season starts, or using homegrown eggs (for those of you lucky enough to live in an area that allows chickens!) would make these money saving meals even more inexpensive.



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  1. Elaine says:

    Home grown eggs also taste better! One of the guys at work has a few chickens and I bought eggs from him a few times. Even at the supermarket I get free range eggs. They’re not cheaper, but they sure taste better!

    Great idea about freezing single portion servings. I do that, too. It’s so easy to grab one for lunch at work.


    1. viggie says:

      People say homegrown anything tastes better. 😛

      The closest folks who sell eggs here are almost an hours drive from me. I do buy from them when I’m out that way to support back yard farmers, but no difference as far as I’m concerned.

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