Organizing Recipes

I got a copy of Office 2010 through work for a few bucks. One thing I’ve really enjoyed is getting a chance to play with OneNote for the first time. It is wonderful for school work, research, and organizing useful information I find on the internet. When I see something interesting on a website I can just highlight it and drag it into OneNote. All the information I save is searchable so I can find it later, OneNote preserves links, and includes a link to the page it was copied from for later reference.

organizing recipes

It really helped when I was writing my final paper, and for keeping a record of classwork. It’s also working out really well for organizing recipes I’ve found and want to try for my once a month cooking experiment. I now have recipes and pictures saved off to browse through, and automatic links back to the websites I found them on so I can credit them when I try them.

Since we are on the topic of organization, I leave you with a fun link to 15 ways to organize your cats.

pixelpainted original by bubbly at leaky_blinks - hands off!


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