The easiest OAMC recipe to prep I’ve come across is this French Bread Pizza. It’s as easy as cutting french bread into thirds, spreading with pizza sauce, sprinkling with mozzarella, then wrapping for the freezer. The instructions say just to wrap in plastic wrap, but previous recipes also said to put in a baggie so I did both to be safe.  It’ll be a while before I finish all these off so it’s better to err on the side of caution.  I’ve already heated one up and really enjoyed it. I found that I needed to cut the ends off the bread first so that each third fit into a baggie, so I made some little snack pizzas with them too.

OAMC French Bread Pizza

You can see my freezer is filling up fast. All of the single serving packaging may take up more space, but in my case it’s what makes it usable and convenient.  This is another great reason for not doing a single cooking day, as everything wouldn’t fit in there at one time. But items like sandwiches and fruit cups will be used relatively quickly to clear out more space for additional food.

OAMC French Bread Pizzas

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