Just wanted to share some pictures from this morning of our big blizzard this year. At a couple feet it wasn’t the snow that was bad…but the wind constantly redistributing it was the real problem. It took me 2 hours to snowblow this morning, and it’ll all be back again by tonight to do over.


4 foot snow drifts…don’t you love when you have to shovel the top just so it’s low enough to use the snowblower?


Drift mountains.


It was  windy enough to blow snow through the jealousy window and screens on the doors.  They were all drifted shut too, so it was a battle getting outside.  It also blew off one of the storm windows in the bunny’s sunroom last night, so I got to spend some time shoveling out a drift and fixing the window. I gave the bunnies plenty of hay, which means it’s all tangled in their long angora coats now. They really loved playing with it, but they won’t be as happy come brushing time.


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