First gardening update off the year

I started celery 3 weeks ago already and have little seedlings snug under my grow light.  This week it was time to get German Chamomile and St. Johns Wort going.  So far the plant babies are safe in the cheapo greenhouse I set up to protect them from nibbly cats.

The outdoor updates have me a bit bummed though.  Our huge blizzard two weeks ago had some impressive drifting associated with it.  I had 4 and 5 foot snow drifts though the yard.   One side affect of that I hadn’t considered, is that rabbits now had a 6 foot reach.  They chewed my grape vines in half, and ate my poor fruit trees right down to the protectors I had put around them.  The vines can probably snap back, but there’s not much left of the trees.

Now that we are going through a thaw, it’s apparent the weight of all that snow also led to another casualty….one of my coldframes is no longer with us 😦

snow damage :(


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  1. Elaine says:

    What a shame! It’s really easy to forget that the little critters can scamper right up those drifts and enjoy food they don’t usually have. I hope your grapevine and your trees make a good come-back.

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