Jade – and my potting method

I had a bunch of self-watering pots for containers because they seem so easy to use. In class though, I learned that these aren’t good for most plants as they like to dry out in-between waterings. The continuous moisture that self-watering containers provide is conducive to root rot. It also makes a huge, hard to clean, muddy mess when your cat dumps it over. Trust me.

potting 1

The extension agent showed us her trick for keeping her plants feet dry without having to tote each plant to the sink when you water.  It also helps you make your houseplant a decorative item.   It’s how I’ve set up all of my new additions.  I left the plant in the nursery pot it came in, and will just get a larger nursery pot for it when it out grows that one.

potting 2

Then I prepared a decorative container for the plant to sit inside. I added a drip tray in the bottom, if needed. This one actually came with a nice inner lining but if it’s the plastic bag type you’ll want to replace it.  Inside the drip tray put a spacer to keep your plant out of the water. I used a juice mix tub, but milk or two liter lids or anything that won’t get yucked up sitting in water will work.

potting 3

Then add your plant!   For a little finishing touch, I covered the dirt and gap between the containers with moss.  The example here is the little jade that lives on my coffee table.

pixelpainted original by sugardust at livejournal - hands off!


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