Spider Plant

Another one of my new plant friends is this Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum).  Although not toxic, it’s long dangling leaves make it far too attractive to most cats to keep it within reach. They are hardy plants that can handle different levels of indirect light (but will loose some of their variegation in lower levels) and are happiest when pot bound. For those on city water, fluoride can cause browning of the leaves (tip burn) that is more pronounced at higher light levels.

spider plant

Unfortunately, I’m on city water and my water filter removes pretty much everything except fluoride. In summer, I can use rainwater, but in winter it’ll just have to cope because I’m not about to buy water.

paid graphic from http://luvkins.webs.com - hands off!


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  1. SF says:

    One thing which I’ve done in the winter to water indoor plants when the household water isn’t good for them (we have a water softener) is to just bring a bucket of snow inside, let it melt and get up to something approaching room temperature, and then use that for plants. Mine (Jade, Spider plants, Shamrock, Aloe) all definitely prefer melted snow to the household water.

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