Overflowing with jars

I’ve been keeping an eye out for canning jars for 2 years now, ever since I started dehydrating. They are nearly full price second hand here, so it’s actually been a better option for me to go buy a case of new ones now and then and at least get a free set of bands and lids with them.

On Tuesday though I saw a craigslist ad offering mason jars for 25 cents each. I fell all over myself trying to follow up as quickly as possible, and by the time I went to meet them for my pickup they’d found 122 jars total for me, several cases of which were saved food jars.

canning jars craigslist find

So now I’m busy washing the reused food jars and putting my dehydrated food in them. This allows me to reclaim all the mason jars I’d been keeping them in so I’ll have lots and lots of mason jars come canning time!  The only unfortunate thing about this is I’d only gotten one case and a couple sets of lids that were regular mouths before switching everything to wide mouth, so I’ll just have to remember to start grabbing sets of lids for these.


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  1. Toni says:

    WOW, they all look soo much cooler in this picture!! So how to you “can” dry stuff? Just screw on the tops? How long will they last in the jars? I am thinking of getting a bag sealer, but I would rather learn other ways that recycle.

    1. viggie says:

      I’ve had a 44% failure rate storing my dry goods and dehydrated fruits and veggies in foodsaver bags. At first I just thought it was because the dry veggies have sharp edges (and stuff like green beans with points do puncture the bags), but I’ve even had pinto beans lose their seal over the winter. For these items just having the lid on in a jar is good enough for about a years storage. If you want to store longer you can get oxygen absorber packets online and toss one in there to keep it fresh. I do have some but don’t use them that often anymore now that I know I can get from harvest to harvest without them.

  2. linda says:

    thats a joyous sight… i collect jars as well for dry goods… i love it… i can see whats in them and how they are doing… as for plastic.. YUCK!!

  3. Nerissa Barry says:


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    I’m looking to spread awareness of the fact that even though the Olympic Games are fantastic and unifying, they are it’s quite a carbon-rich event and are not that environmentally sound.

  4. I found that there are some great places to look and acquire free or near free jars. I ran into a similar problem when searching for them until I checked Craig’s list as well as a free cycle group from my surrounding area. I now am well stocked in real mason jars as well as old mayonnaise jars. Hope those to ideas help find more jars.
    I am going to be getting the oxygen absorber packets and start storing my dry goods quite a bit more then in recent past. I actually have this years corn seeds stored that way without the absorber packets . Hoping i get a good germination rate.

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