First day outside!

It was almost 50 today and the rain held off, so I had a chance to get outside and play for the first time this year.  I started out by building the two rabbit hutches I got for Christmas.  It was fun watching them adjust to the new cage and it took over an hour for them to figure out what the ramp is for, but they seem ever so happy with their new homes.

new hutch 1

This is a view of one of the hutches. They are really cute, but built with smaller rabbits in mind. The board on the front door was supposed to block off a little nesting area in the top section, but the opening was way too small for my big boys. Instead I put it on the front to block the wind and turn the whole top into a cozy area for them.

new hutch 2

The drop tray pulls out, but you can also lift the roof up for easy access. The extra board against the back wall with a heart latch on it is to close off the bottom area (would be useful if the bottom gets muddy during heavy rains).  I like this pic because you can see Socks poking his head up to keep an eye on me.  He’s quite the character.

new hutch 3

Wide load!!!

new hutch 4

Enjoying the new found freedom. 🙂

Garden-wise, I started 72 more plants on Wednesday: Celeriac, Cockscomb, Oregano, Marmande Tomato, Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, and Jersey Giant Tomato and nearly all of them are sprouted already. Outdoors, I cleaned out the strawberry bed to find some sprouts out there as well.


And finally, these are the egyptian walking onions I got from a forum friend late in the season last year. I was very glad to see all three made it and have sprouts poking up. I covered them with a bit of mulch for now so the wild rabbits don’t eat them on me.

egyptian walking onions


One Comment Add yours

  1. Shreela says:

    Your bunnies are living in style now ^_^

    Hope to see some posts about your walking onions; I’m going to buy some one day, but they’re still scarce enough to make it a hassle, and always forget about them in fall when they’re taking orders.

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