Seed starting time

I started the bulk of my seeds last week already. This is a tray of 72 peat pots for Celeriac, Cockscomb, Oregano, Marmande Tomato, Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, and Jersey Giant Tomato in which almost everything has sprouted already.

seed babies

These are the celery plants I started back at the end of January to help my parents out with their new garden. The tallest is only about 5 inches. They weren’t kidding about them being slow growers!


And finally, these are some houseplants I have started. The porthos and african violets are cuttings I got from classmates during my master gardener class on propagation. The one on the right is a toothache plant (Acmella oleracea) started from seed. As soon as I heard it was a medicinal plant that could help numb a toothache and relieve muscle tension, I knew I had to try growing some. It turns out it’s also an edible green that can be used raw or cooked as well.



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