Since I’m still grounded by rain….I started the yearly garage cleaning this weekend and cleared up the accumulated winter clutter. It always gets dirty in there when it’s too cold to be outside. I also set up the new chipper, which is the yellow one below. I think this will help me keep things neater around here and give me a way to compost the large plant matter like broccoli plants and corn stalks.

Picture 041

I put up some ladder hooks to hold all of the tomato cages. Since they are notoriously messy and tangly, I also twist tied each of the crossbars to keep them from getting hooked together. The hard to manage bamboo tipis and spare lumber got a bungee cord around them to keep them well behaved in the corner as well.

Picture 046

Lastly, all of my garden tools were hung by the door for easy access. I’m also going to make time to clean, sharpen, and oil them. That’s something I should have done in fall, especially in my damp garage. At least it feels like I’m accomplishing something even when I can’t get into the garden.

Picture 044