Garden Tour – Bloom Day

I didn’t have time to do a video for my garden tour, but I did take a bunch of pics for you. It’s another overcast gloomy day today, but everything is starting to bloom in the garden. It’s a lovely contrast.

The marigolds are planted in rows between my tomatoes to protect them from bugs and are just starting to open.
marigolds opening

The first bloom was open in both the zucchini and spaghetti squash patches.

The first eggplant flower is ready to show itself

Scarlet runner beans have buds starting to appear and the first is barely opening

Things are going well on the homestead if you overlook the weed epidemic. I’ve been on a cleaning spree and am focusing on giving away/selling items I don’t need so I can live a little more lightly. I’ve been crocheting again to get some little gift items made up. And even practiced my sewing skills as I had requests for a few bread bags šŸ™‚ The bunnies fur is quickly growing back in and they’ve been more active and happier with their bare backs to keep them cool. The kitties as always are my little shadows, and I was woken up by this one looking a bit crazed because she managed to get her feather toy off the shelf.



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