Making space

As my life has changed, so has my living space. Kitchen counters have cleared of unnecessary gadgets, like that old space hog microwave, to allow for plenty of working space now that I’m baking and canning. The living room has shifted it’s focus from a TV to working antiques like the sewing machine, as well as to the computer where I do all my research and networking with other homesteaders.

Today I took on my spare room. It is kind of an odd room, since half of it is taken up with added closets. It’s also walk-through to the sunroom so two doors limits space on the other walls. I had thrown my bookshelves in there when I moved in and called it good enough as a library. But now that I’m busy with my hands, I’m no longer spending time reading daily like I used to. I decided it was time to finally thin out the book collection and turn this space into a work room…as best I could anyway.

All of my fiction books immediately went into the “sell” pile. And the rest were sorted according to need until I had one bookshelf left of homesteading/gardening books, christian living, amish fiction, cookbooks, a handful of craft patterns, and a couple programming books. Exactly 100 books left when I started with almost 400. It was kind of rough as I’d always been a book lover. But look what that made me. A room I can sew and craft in. And space for a folding table so I don’t have to cut patterns on the floor anymore.

new craft room

The leftover furniture was re-purposed. The folding screen became a privacy screen for the cat box giving them their own private corner.

new craft room (2)

And the decorative table hides the bulk cat litter bucket.

new craft room (3)


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