It took a little while, but this month I found the project I’m going to stick with for my Master Gardener volunteer hours. It’s the Green Power Garden in Waukesha that grows food for the Hope Center and Waukesha Food Bank. This projects fits in so perfectly with all the things I care about and want to get involved in.

green power garden

Right now it’s just the gardens but we have the opportunity to expand into other areas in the future. We have a lot of great ideas about how to do outreach in terms of charity and education. I’m also growing personally as I start recruiting volunteers, creating a web presence, looking for donations, and getting a little more involved in the running of the garden.

green power garden

Last week I contacted two groups I’m associated with and knew had an interest in volunteer work. I had a total of 15 people express interest so far, and 3 showed up to our work day this week!

green power garden

So now instead of just playing in my own vegetable gardens, I also get to work to help feed others one evening a week. I’m very excited about this project and hope to have lots of good things to report as time goes by.

green power garden


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