Around the Urban Homestead

My little plant babies are growing up, and that’s very evident this week. I’ve got little corn tassles peeking out in the 3 sisters garden and the pinto beans are flowering.

tassles poking out :D

Baby veggies are starting to appear and the cucumbers are starting to vine.


My raspberry patch is still tiny and struggling to get itself established, but it gave me a handful of berries as a nice little treat.


And the tomatoes are filling in and starting their own tomato families. The tomatoes filling in and quinoa and corn standing tall really make the garden look like I”m doing something out there now 🙂


I harvested the first round of shelling peas last weekend and Friday the rest were ready to be picked. The peas are now pulled out and the area replanted for falls batch. With shells I got two pounds out of the little area I’d had set aside for them, and the peas have been dehydrated and stored.  I cleaned out the spot the sugar snap peas had been in as well and replanted the area with bush beans.  I can’t believe I didn’t have any bush beans in yet this year!



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