A closer look at quinoa

I am growing quinoa for the first time this year. I actually attempted to grow it last year, but found out after all of my diligent weeding that all that lambs quarters I thought I was pulling was actually my poor quinoa seedlings.


This year my quinoa patch has grown pretty much undisturbed until now. At 5.5 feet, it waves over my head in the breeze. But otherwise it doesn’t draw notice. It looks like a boring green weed and I haven’t visited the patch much because it’s full enough to hold it’s own against real weeds.


This week though, I took a closer look at it wondering when it was going to go to flower. At was surprised to see it was in flower. Each tiny bud looked like it had tiny yellow alien antennas. They are so small I didn’t even realize those antennas extended all around in a full flower. I decided to take a pic to share it with you and was blown away at the detail my cameras macro caught. It’s a whole other world in there!

To see what I mean click on the pictures.  When you get to flickr, right click on the picture and choose Original size.

macro of quinoa going to flower

For scale, here’s how it compares to my finger.  I hope this picture isn’t too racy for the blog, I seem to have pollinated myself a bit 😀



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  1. I had no idea what quinoa looked like. That is super interesting.

  2. Shreela says:

    I looked at the photo (above your pollinated finger) at Flickr with the full size option, and wow that was one cool pic! Have you considered entering into a photo contest? I would if I ever took a photo that great. Hope to see another post when it comes time to harvest the quinoa /^_^

  3. valri says:

    I’m also growing quinoa this year for the first time …and it IS hard to tell from the lambs quarter! I think I have one lambs quarter plant mixed in with my quinoa, but I’m still not absolutely sure since they are so similar… even at this stage. Do you think they are related, I think they must be. Do you have any idea how to harvest it when it’s ready?

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