Canning Crushed Tomatoes

This week I hit the farmers market for some tomato “seconds”.  These are the ones they put aside as not being pretty enough to sell at the going rate.  I got these for 80 cents a pound to try my hand at canning tomatoes before my own beautiful homegrown ones started coming in at full speed.

canning crushed tomatoes

I use tomato sauce and crushed tomatoes the most, and these were best suited for crushed tomatoes so I had my recipe picked out. I did not follow the convoluted process that the Ball book uses. It does everything in tiny batches, which is supposed to reduce the amount of separation you see in the jars. A little visual improvement was not worth all that work so you can see I cooked my tomatoes in a big stew pot all together instead.

Since I like seeing other peoples work spaces, I thought I’d share a picture of mine.  This is just while I was waiting for the jars to finish heating up.  And yes, I learned the hard way I’d put too much water in the canner for this stage.  I didn’t notice until I started dumping water out of the jars to fill them and nearly overflowed the canner.

canning crushed tomatoes

And the finished product.  I’ve been using my Tattler lids for 3 batches now.  I only had a failure to seal on the first batch, because I forgot the extra step of tightening the rings when the jars come out of the canner.

canning crushed tomatoes



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