Okra, Potatoes, and Tomatoes

I wandered through the front yard garden this morning to make sure the wind hadn’t disturbed the tree cages. And to my surprise, I found the okra doing things. I hadn’t checked on them for a long time, so the largest okra was about 6 inches.  I picked it thinking it was overgrown, but for looking at the description of Pitres Short Bush Red Cownhorn Okra which is listed as a 12 incher, I’m not sure that it is. Interestingly it’s not red either 🙂 There are a good dozen more that may have a chance of reaching this size before it gets too cold, so we’ll see what happens

first (overgrown) okra

Being the wild woman I am, I spent my day off today digging potatoes. I got a good amount of Agrias (the yellows), but the Purple Peruvian Fingerlings have an unfortunate similarity to small damp dirt clods. Because it had rained yesterday that’s exactly what I was digging through. I didn’t find too many of them, but I plan to go out and sift through the bed again when it dries out. I should have better luck finding the sneaky little buggers then.

potato harvest

Tomorrow I plan on harvesting the remaining tomatoes. They are in rather sorry shape this late in the season. They’ve been through near freezes and some seriously uneven watering. So they aren’t the pretties things in the world, but I’ll find uses for them.

sad end of season tomatoes


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  1. Nancy Davis says:

    Yum! You are still harvesting! Nancy

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