I was introduced to the site pinterest this week. It’s basically a way of visually bookmarking links of interest. And since it’s social you can see what other people are bookmarking. That’s where the trouble starts πŸ˜€

I’ve actually found some clever tips on there, and wanted to try them out. That’s why I spent my day off today cleaning and organizing my bedroom instead of relaxing!

The first tip was using baking soda scented with lavender essential oil to clean your mattress as described at Make it Do. Of course, clearing off the mattress to try it meant I might as well wash the bedding, mattress pad, and dust ruffle. I wash laundry by hand, so that was no small chore either.

mattress cleaning tip

Since I don’t have too many clothes, I converted half of my bedroom closet into storage with a rubbermaid configurations closet. That makes this bedding organization tip a bedroom thing for me too. I found a tip floating around to store sheet sets folded up and slipped into one of the pillow cases to keep them neatly together. I hadn’t realized there was a “proper” way to fold sheets, so I was off to youtube to learn how to do that and get all my sheets prettied up.

organizing bedding


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  1. bonnie32002 says:

    I just started with Pintrest too. I’m on my way to publish the lolly-3-d pumpkin decoration πŸ™‚ And no, I did not know there wa a proper way to fold sheets either. The pillow case thing is a really good tip.

    1. viggie says:

      Yay, I found and added you on there

  2. Nancy Davis says:

    Looking good! I had read about the pillowcase around the sheets before but don’t do it! Didn’t realize you wash clothes by hand. Do you use a plunger in the bathtub or what do you use? Thanks for sharing your tips. Nancy

    1. viggie says:

      The plunger is the most effecitve way. In summer I set my 5 gallon buckets outside and in winter I just put the buckets in the tub. I have tried a wonder wash and it was easy but it broke after 2 years. I use a washboard too, mostly to give whites a good scrubbing.

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