Decorating on the Cheap

I’m really not a decorator. Even after living on my own for 13 years and living in my own home for 3 years now, I haven’t done much of anything in the way of making my house look homey. Pretty much everything I have is functional. I’ve decided part of it was, I just didn’t have any furniture meant to hold decorative items. So during the last week, I hit the thrift and antique stores in my area with plans to decorate a bit.

The furniture I found at an antique store. This is an $18 redwood bookshelf, small enough to fit into the weird little cubby in my living room formed by boxing in the chimney that’s behind it.

antique store find

The other piece is a $20 half table I put in the entry way. It’s purpose is one of my flylady lessons. To have someplace near the door to drop all your stuff. Interestingly enough this also has a side drawer that pulls out with a cup holder of all things!


I also put a hook beside the door to hang up my purse and jacket when I walk in. The purse was a $5 Goodwill find, new with tags still on it.  Above it is a plaque I got at Dollar General a while ago, I believe it was $8. There’s a boot tray beneath it now so I can kick off my shoes. Hopefully having an orderly entry will help keep me more organized.


Above the entry way table is a $2 wall hanging from the thift shop. That’s where I found all my hanging items. Including this $1.50 rug beater and $2 picture.

thift store decorating

thrift store find

And finally, my favorite piece is for my bedroom. It’s a large shelf with a quilt rack tucked under it. This one was $8 off a very sweet woman who listed it on craigslist. I’ve already commissioned a quilting friend of mine to create a special quilt just for me to hang on it.

craigslist find


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Pamela says:

    Love the shelf you bought for the cubby! Fantastic find…I love your blog and have seen you on Pinterest also. Sorry to hear about your sweet Kitty, I am sure he was very loved. Looking forward to your posts. Pamela

  2. Nancy Davis says:

    Enjoyed the peek into your home decorating! Nancy

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