On My Mind

Rhonda at Down To Earth is hosting a Friday “On My Mind” picture post. It’s like a Wordless Wednesday but with a description explaining what the picture means to you.


From here on out, I will be dining in style. I found this set of lovely vintage Noritake china listed on craigslist for just $50. The couple I bought it from had inherited from her grandmother. But people don’t entertain like they used to so it got packed away and never used.

When I realized this huge 12 place setting set with the hostess set was going for the same price as a 4 place settings of Corelle…the decision was easy! I sold my old Corelle to a young man who was setting up house for the first time and picked up this set to use for every day dishes. At this price, there’s no reason not to put them into use…and I’m worth it!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Robert says:

    I bought a dusty bundle of sliverware for 2$ and found when cleaned up vintage silverplate 40 pcs. I use it daily, a little spice to life.

    1. viggie says:

      Wow congrats on an incredible find!

  2. Nancy Davis says:

    Lovely! Nancy

  3. Catherine says:

    Beautiful! This made me think of my great grandmother’s china that my mom has packed away.

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