End of November photos

It’s just a few days away from December and a light flurry was falling this morning while I went out to take some pictures of the garden. I’m quite surprised to still see green outside. My newest addition, the saffron crocus border, is much more active than expected. I harvested the first two flowers this week, and there’s a row of 10 more flowers out there now ready to open. The first of their greenery is popping out now too.

saffron crocus

Along the side of the house some of the herbs and edible flowers are still growing. Oregano and dill ferns are still looking good. The parent borage and calendula plants died off, but some of the next generation were too impatient to wait until spring.

borage and calendula

Out back in the main veggie beds some of the broccoli is still heading, others are producing lots of offshoots, and one is finally starting to go to seed. Out of the picture blow here are the last of the celeriac and a row of kale in front of them.


And finally is the last few cabbage. These were all started in very early spring, so they did a great job of staggering the harvest this year 😀 Two are heading up and 2 are still young looking leafy things that grew up overshawdowed by already harvested cabbages.



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