Kitchen herb garden

I put a shelf on my kitchen window this week. The 36″ shelf I found fit right between the side jams with just a cm or two shaved off the ends. I put 5 screws down through the top into the sill.

Put a shelf in the kitchen window for herbs :)

Underneath I added a couple of support brackets, knowing that the cats will insist on sitting on the edge of the shelf. I needed to whittle the trim a bit too to get them to fit.


And the finishing touch was splurging on some lovely little pots from Steins.  I put them together using the two pot method I posted earlier for decorative containers.


Since my kitchen is done in yellow tile, the bright cheery colors fit in perfectly.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. K.B. says:

    That looks lovely! I’m planning on doing something similar – once the new kitchen is in!

    In fact, I just got the new Richter’s Herbs catalogue, and went through it with one eye on good varieties for windowsill herbs 🙂

  2. bonnie32002 says:

    This looks so homey and cheerful!! Sure the kitties won’t push those pots outta the way???

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