Canning Homegrown Beans

canned dry beans

My winter canning is winding down. But I wanted to get in one more batch of beans. These are the last of my home grown dry beans. The only one you can pick out in the picture is the dark Cherokee Trail of Tears. The rest were Mayflower Pole, Purple Podded Pole, and Old Homestead.

Of the beans I’ve tried so far, Cherokee Trail of Tears, Old Homestead, and Pinto were all pretty equally productive. I’ve decided to go ahead with Cherokee Trail of Tears (black) and a new one, Hidatsa Shield (white with a brown/tan belly) this year.


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  1. Julia Swancy says:

    Beautiful! I see you’re using Tattler lids? I guess since it’s beans these are pressure canned, right? I just learned about those lids and I’m so excited to start using them this year! I’ve been a slacker in canning in the past (except tomatoes) but this year I’m holding my own feet to the fire… hoping to can *everything* and master pressure canning so I’m confident about it.

    1. viggie says:

      I’ve been using the Tattlers for a year now (since just after I learned to can) and they’ve been working really well for me. I just learned off the pressure canners instruction booklet and it wasn’t bad at all. Actually, I thought it was easier than water bath as it is hard to get all that water up to heat on my electric stove and with pressure canning you know right when to start your timer and can see that it’s working at the right pressure so it seems more exacting to me.

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