Seed Storage

My name is Lynn, and I have a seed addiction. I think I should have expected this. I found in many of my hobbies like knitting and cross stitch, I get as much joy from collecting and organizing supplies as I do from finished products.

I bought quite a few of my seeds in the larger sizes offered, either ounce packets or 1/4 pound packets depending on the seed. Since those would last me a long time, I didn’t want to leave them in the packets to get beat up, dirty, torn, and dumped. Instead I organized everything in jars I’d gotten free on craigslist or saved from store bought food.

seed storage

These are all the varieties I plan to grow this year: love lies bleeding amaranth, anise hyssop, cherokee trail of tears pole bean, hidatsa shield pole bean, blue lake bush bean, lettuce leaf basil, chioggia beet, calabrese green sprouting broccoli, deja vu calendula, borage, early jersey wakefield cabbage, muscade carrot, giant of naples cauliflower, giant prague celeriac, german chamomile, rainbow chard, chives, cockscomb, rainbow inca sweet corn, pickling cucumbers, bouquet dill, echinacea, lista de gandia eggplant, fenugreek, feverfew, kale, ornamental kale, lavender, early white vienna kohlrabi, rock top mix lettuce, gem marigold, golden jenny melon, sugar baby watermelon, nasturtium, pitres dwarf okra, oregano, parsley, alaska shelling pea, california wonder bell pepper, daikon (radish), new zealand spinach, black beauty zucchini squash, patty pan squash, spaghetti squash, straightneck squash, st johns wort, hidatsa #1 sunflower, jersey giant (paste) tomato, viola, purple cherokee (slicing) tomato

seed storage

Since this is quite a few years worth for my little homestead, I’ve been keeping them in the fridge to extend their storage life a bit.

How to you organize and store your seeds?


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  1. Sharon says:

    I keep my seeds in the fridge, too, though I don’t have the beautiful jars you do. I just leave things in the seed packets and pile the packets into plastic to-go containers. Not nearly as aesthetically pleasing as what you do!

    Your list of seed varieties has me licking my lips!

    1. viggie says:

      Fridge space is also at a premium for most families though, and your method is certainly more space saving. Since it’s just me though, you can see that I don’t normally have too much in there.

  2. DM says:

    Ours are in the frig in zip lock bags w/ home made labels…except for the Mandan bride Indian corn which is still out in a large cooler. Last year was the first year I germinated tomato seeds I’d saved from the year before. there was something very satisfying to see that I had done it right and they were still viable.

  3. Nancy Davis says:

    You have a lot of seeds and are really organized! Mine are in a couple boxes on a shelf in the den! One of the many things I need to work on organizing! lol Nancy

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