Homemade Yogurt

I really enjoy having homemade yogurt in the house. You can make it using store-bought plain yogurt as a starter, as I have in the past. This is my first time using a yogurt culture for mine though. It worked really well and I liked the tanginess it produced. Unlike many of those tiny packets that make a couple quarts I often see for sale, this bottle makes 30 quarts for about the same price.

homemade yogurt


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  1. Eric & Beth says:

    What’s that machine?

    1. viggie says:

      It’s a yogurt maker. It just warms the yogurt to keep it at a safe temperature until it’s ready. I can’t find my exact model on amazon anymore as I got it in ’08, but this one is very similar http://www.amazon.com/Euro-Cuisine-2qt-Yogurt-Maker/dp/B002KBFO6C

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