Morel Mushroom Habitat


I got a morel mushroom habitat from these folks and got it set up in the yard today. Prepping the habitat is as as easy as burying some compostables in a shady area. I always keep containers in my fridge for veggie scraps, egg shells, and coffee grounds…so I had enough for the little area I was doing.

morel habitat compostables

They were buried in a trench along the north side of my sunroom. My shiitake log has already fruited over here, so I think the morels will like it too. I hope they like onions and garlic, because that’s who their new neighbors are.

morel habitat burying compostables

After the trench is filled in, the spawn log they sent was crumbled over the area and mixed in with my spading fork.

morel habitat spawn

Ta-da! Now, the waiting game starts. Per the instructions more compostable can be buried throughout the summer, and they should be well fed to do their thing in spring and fall.

morel habitat done


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