West Allis Farmers Market tour

Some views of my farmers market. It’s very early in the season, so a bit less than half the venders have started appearing. It’s mostly starts, flowers, and greens this time of year. From talking to the folks there over the years, I know there’s one farm here that’s all conventional and one all organic. The rest fall in the “mostly organic” bucket where they grow organic as much as possible. Robran Farms for example has let me know that they spray a couple things including broccoli…otherwise they end up as bouquets of worms 😀

West Allis Farmers Market entrance
weat allis farmers market entrance

An idea of the layout. There’s 4 awnings that cover 6 long rows of stalls.
weat allis farmers market stalls

Trailer for Fer-li Grass Fed Beef
west allis farmers market fer-li grass fed beef

Some starts from Mary Lynn’s Country Harvest. They are a 4th Gen produce farm that does some flowers and starts in spring, which is pretty common to see. I’m not sure when they find time to farm as they hit 5 different markets in the area so they are selling 7 days a week.
weat allis farmers market mary lynn's country harvest

Kraus Farm does plants all season although they do usually have a smaller variety of produce.
weat allis farmers market kraus farm

Their lavender starts is what I actually came for today. My seeds are being jerks and won’t germinate.
weat allis farmers market kross farm lavender

The early season selection from Jerry’s Produce
weat allis farmers market jerrys produce 2

weat allis farmers market cindys greenhouse and fresh vegetables

This was the prettiest sight of the day. This spread was from CentGraf Farms. The second small cutesy stall that was still being setup is theirs as well.
weat allis farmers market centgraf farms
weat allis farmers market centgraf farms stall 2

Bowers Produce really goes all out with flowers and starts in spring. From what I remember they had the largest produce spread as well. They are the one that is all conventional.
weat allis farmers market bowers produce

Extra pic just because this one piqued my curiosity.
weat allis farmers market bowers produce parcel

Apple Holler is very well known throughout the area. It’s a 60 acre orchard that grows 30 varieties of apples and some additional u-picks. They are an attraction type farm that has lots of events, a restaurant, and widely marketed bakery items.
weat allis farmers market apple holler


5 Comments Add yours

  1. I love farmers markets!

  2. Merouda says:

    Holy Hot Peppers, Batman! You are in West Allis, too!? I have just found your blog today (a friend pinned your post on canning dried beans), and linked to in on my own blog, and then came back to browse a little more, as it looked like it would be helpful. I was stunned when I recognized the West Allis farmers market! Oh, thank heavens, a blog by someone who appears to have better knowledge than I do about much of this stuff, who also forages, and is in the same climate I am!

    So pleased to meet you!!

  3. Nicole Centgraf says:

    Thanks for the nice comments about our stand(s) at West Allis. So sad I can’t see the photos…any ideas on why Flickr is blocking them? Do I need to sign in somewhere?
    Nicky Centgraf

    1. viggie says:

      All my flickr images broke last year for some reason. It’s really annoying, I used them EVERYWHERE. I’ve fixed these for ya 🙂

  4. Nicole Centgraf says:

    Thanks. Great photos:)

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