It’s sad to watch the life fade from the garden. I’ve harvested the last broccoli

The last of the broccoli is about ready to come in.  The yard looks so dreary as all the green fades.

And the rabbits were fed the last of the kale

The bunnies will be snacking on the last of the kale today :(

The strawberries and garlic were put to bed for the season

I spread straw on the garlic and strawberry beds yesterday even thought it seemed too early with the recent warm weather. But I woke to a frosty 26° this morning.

And the angora’s hutches were winterized for their first year staying outside. I feel better about leaving them out there now that they are surrounded by the garage on one side and privacy fencing on 2 sides for a good wind break.

Winterized hutches for the angoras