Canning pics

I realized I didn’t post much about this season…so here’s a catchup post on some of the canning I did this season.  These are all new-to-me recipes 🙂

canned spaghetti sauce

60 pounds of tomatoes became 13 pint and a half jars of delicious homemade spaghetti sauce. I followed the Spaghetti Sauce Without Meat recipe found in So Easy To Preserve. (

canned ketchup

The Ball Complete Book’s recipe for ketchup. (I’ve already finished off my first half-pint and I really like it. It has a little more liquid than I’m used to but a nice strong flavor)

home canned pizza sauce

Pizza sauce in more half-pint jars

dilly beans

Dilly beans! This is a Ball Complete Book one too.

canned diced tomatoes

Small batch of backyard grown tomatoes in water

canned homegrown pink and purple potatoes

Pink and purple potatoes from this years early harvest


My first batch of applesauce. I blended them in my vitamix so they came out a bit thin.

condensed tomato soup

And finally…condensed tomato soup from SB Canning’s recipe. I cracked open the first jar after our first freeze and liked it SOOOO much I made another batch.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nancy Davis says:

    Great job of putting up produce. I am sure you will really enjoy it this winter. Since you dehydrate a lot I imagine you have done carrot slices. I plan to do some this year. Did you blanch or just slice and put in dehydrator. I guess people do it both ways. I would be using them for soups. Nancy

  2. marywithrow says:

    Fantastic, I can’t wait to look at your canning recipes!

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