Winter Pics

Just some winter pics of the yard to share. We got another 7 inches Thursday. This is why I like planning my garden and playing with seeds this time of year. They are nice warm thoughts to focus on.

snow pics

Blossom braving some snow between the toes during the storm. The bunnies come out regularly and I carry them into the sunroom so they can stretch their legs with some hop-about time before their brushing.

Blossom checking out the snow on her way to the sunroom for her hop-a-bout time. :)

We’ve had an usually cold winter with a couple spells down to -30 already, so I’ve been keeping their hutches and runs deep with hay to help keep them warm. This is my boy, Mittens.
The bunnies are swimming in hay to help them deal with the -20 to -30 windchills we're dealing with for the next few days.

Even the windchime got covered

snow pics

Some naughty gardener didn’t put the bamboo bean tipis away in fall, but even they look pretty covered in snow

snow pics


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nancy Davis says:

    Looks pretty but I am really getting impatient for a little warmer weather! Nancy

  2. Mary says:

    Love the pictures. We got a few inches of snow and then it was gone the next day ;( Love the bunnies too! So cute 🙂

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