Late Spring

I got everything in much later than usual this year with the cool wet spring that we had, and frosts right up until mothers day which is when I would have normally planted everything out.  But I’ll get you caught up on everything I did, and as of this morning the backyard is all planted.  There are still some small beds along sidewalks and between my and my neighbors fences where I’ll be throwing in some melons and vining squash though.

This was the first bed to be prepped and planted on 4/26.  There’s lettuce, spinach, kohlrabi, kale, onions, and garlic (fall planted) in this long strip that goes all along the sidewalk.

Prepping the little beds along the sidewalk for greens :)

I finished landscaping in front Mother’s Day weekend since I wasn’t able to plant. I added 2 apple trees I was able to purchase with my new employee discount (I’m currently doing seasonal work at a garden center…it pays about the same as unemployment so things are still tough, but at least I’m working for it now). The low spot in back where the hedge was taken out was filled in and mulched. You can see I moved the lovage back there and planted a little bay laurel. When it warmed up amaranth was planted around the back of this area, and rows of viola and ornamental kale were added to the front. Celosia now lines the sidewalk.

The front yard is starting to come together.  Used my employee discount for a couple new apple trees, added a little bay laurel, moved the lovage against the house, and am now busy filling in the low spot where the old hedge was with top soil and mulch.

5/19 I was finally able to dig again and was able to plant the main bed right away. This is 3 slicing tomatoes, 18 sauce tomatoes, 4 peppers, and 2 eggplant. It had to be covered from frost twice after this even though it went in later than normal!

One more bed done :D. This is 3 slicing tomatoes, 18 sauce tomatoes, 4 peppers, and 2 eggplant.

5/21 I added trellises along the privacy fence and planted my pole beans…Cherokee Trail of Tears and Hidatsa Shield in a new tiny bed along the fency. I pulled out the sod at this point as well and took out enough grass and roots that I had to fill the area back in with topsoil.

The new bean beds were prepped and planted tonight.  I took out a large enough volume of grass and roots that the whole area got filled back in with some topsoil as well.

5/25 I finished one of the 2 side beds. The purple potatoes were put in here earlier, and were hilled at this point. Pink potatoes were planted, broccoli, zucchini, and patty pans were seeded.

Another bed is planted, just one more to go!  Purple potatoes were mounded, pink potatoes were planted, broccoli, zucchini, and patty pans were seeded.

And the final bed was just finished. To show how late in the season it was I took a before picture. You can see I actually had to weedwack before I could turn it over! Fences were put up for cucumbers, and the rest was filled in with carrots and bush beans.

Finally dry enough to work on the last garden bed and actually had to weedwack it before I could turn it over. That was a first


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  1. Wanda from Pa says:

    Looks like you are getting everything under way. My kale is growing so quickly now and I need to look up some cooking ideas for it. I have been doing the kale chips, but would like to find other uses for it.
    I enjoy reading what others are doing with the space available to them.

  2. Nancy Davis says:

    You are very well planned and organized. Looks good! I see you have lovage. I do too and use it in my winter soups for celery seasoning. What else do you use yours for? Nancy

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