Catching up


Over the winter, I upgraded my rabbitry.  My sunroom now houses my new zealand does and silver fox buck, with room for growouts.  I plan on switching over to all silver foxes this year, as I’m really loving the breed.  I still have my angora couple living outdoors, but I plan to get out of fiber rabbits once they leave me.

Its sunroom cleaning day.  And I made Foxy his own bachelor pad so the large hutches can be used for the ladies and their litters.

Outdoors I finished digging the last little 30×3 strip of grass that was left in the yard, and now everything is planted.

June 1st Garden Panorama

I also found an updated google map of my place. It’s from a couple years back, but you can see it’s pretty small and stands out 😀

updated google map...even the satellites can tell I'm the weird one in the neighborhood

Right now, most things are just sprouting. But asparagus is already done doing it’s thing, and strawberries are just starting to come in.

First strawberry :)

Weeding season is well under way, and you can see how much help I’m getting from my little garden buddies.  Right on top of the kale and snap peas is apparently the most comfortable spot in the yard.

Out weeding with my little garden helper, who's doing a good job of flattening out the kale and snap peas for me.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Nancy Davis says:

    Beautiful cat! Your yard is so nice now. So neat, tidy and productive. Great job! Nancy

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