Second Annual Birthday Adventure

I started a new tradition recently of doing an outdoor adventure weekend for my birthday. This year I chose one of the remote backpacking sites at Rock Island State Park to head out to.

It was 200 miles, 2 ferry rides, and 1.75 miles of backpacking away 😀 This was while waiting for the second ferry, Rock Island is within view of Washington Island.

I thought it was a wonderful place to stay. All of the campers I talked to described their campsites as private and remote, even those on the West end close to the harbor.

Mine was on the East end of the island, but the hike is short enough even for pudgy beginner backpackers like me. Being on the edge of a cliff overlooking Lake Michigan, it was stunning too.

Down below there was a hidden rocky shore. The only way down I saw was from my campsite, but I’m guessing the other 2 remote spots nearby had access somehow.

You definitely want good hiking boots here. The paths are all rocks and roots and skirt along cliffs.

There’s a couple buildings you can tour to learn about the islands history. This was up in the lighthouse.

And a shot from the outside. This is actually the lighthouse and it’s modern less romantic replacement.



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