Spring in the garden <3


This was the first asparagus harvest, I think I have just one more left now.

The first of the asparagus is headed for the steamer :-) #gardening #homesteading #realfoods #ItDoesntGetMoreLocalThanYourBackyard

The new peach tree flowering for the first time.

The new peach tree is blooming :)

Fancy Frills Tulips
First little tulip is up

Rhubarb is already being harvested and bolting
The rhubarb is already starting to bolt #gardening #homesteading

Apple blossom
My apple trees are blossoming for the first time :)  #gardening #homesteading

Comfrey harvests have started
Bunnies + comfrey = om nom nom

Weeding the strawberry bed
Headed out to weed the strawberry bed today. #gardening #homesteading

The little ever blooming lilac I put beside the clothesline
My itty bitty lilac is in bloom waiting to freshen my next load of laundry.

Grapes budding
The grape vines are covered in buds :)  #homesteading #gardening

Chamomile self-seeds so well every year that all I need to do anymore is weed it
The chamomile self seeds so well I haven't needed to plant this bed since it was established.

Added a new goodie – a gogi berry plant
A naughty little gogi berry plant followed me home from the nursery #garden #homesteading

And the main bed is now planted with a hot pepper, 2 California Wonder bell peppers, 2 Rosa Bianca eggplants, and 7 types of tomatoes (Old German, Brandywine, Black Krim, Green Zebra, Caspian Pink, Orange Oxheart, and 6 San Marzano). I’m a bit behind as it was a cool spring. I think I made the right call though, my CSA just sent out an announcement that their baskets are starting 2 weeks later because they got a late start too.
Got the main bed planted with eggplants, bell peppers, hot peppers, and seven varieties of tomatoes. #gardening #homesteading


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  1. Nancy Davis says:

    Looks wonderful!!! Nancy

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